Effective: 1st January 2018 (includes collection and delivery)Horse galloping in a field

Turnout, stable rugs & HW fleece £12.50
Sheet & LW fleece £10.50
Neck covers £3.50
Numnah & saddle pads £4.00
Girth pad £3.00
Fly mask £3.00
Travel boots, set of four £10.00

Pony rugs less than 5.0 in size will be charged £8.00 for a wash and £7.00 to reproof.

Turnout including attached neck cover (combo) £10.00
Neck cover £3.00

Rug Repairs:
Priced per job


Discounts for order values above £100 and for any saleable rugs donated.

 We do ask that customers kindly remove excessive hair and shavings prior to collection and reserve the right to charge £3.50 per rug where this is not done.